Before Sunrise

Loving someone and being loved means so much to me. We make fun of it because we cover our broken heart with dark humour and laughter, at least I do that. But secretly, all I (most of the time) want is to feel that LOVE, that MAGIC between TWO SOULS trying to understand each other... Continue Reading →

Humanise The Ex

    We meet some normal person. Fell in love. Make that normal person, a special person in our head and heart. Then after several clashes, we realise that he/she isn’t a special person anymore. And that’s okay. But what’s not okay is.. not giving that person with special status back to a normal person’s... Continue Reading →

Contiki European Discovery | Dec 2019 – Jan 2020

Start of 2020 in Europe. 12 days in foreign countries with complete strangers (who later turned into dear friends). Contiki, you were one of the best thing of my life. ❤

Show Self-Love

  Show love... and most importantly, SHOW SELF-LOVE! Let them call it self-obsession, but never let your self-love go down because of them. Self-love means you can be happy with just yourself, it means you don’t allow any person or any event control your emotions, it gives you encouragement to be healthy emotionally, mentally and... Continue Reading →

Un-Relationships in 2020s for late 20s.

Everyone is doing great in their professional life. All of us are doing pretty decent in our career. We have a great social circle too, we meet for brunches and dinners, watch movies, have chai, do shots, go to clubbing together... like mostly everything and anything under the sun. We enjoy our life at work... Continue Reading →

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