Neon Neon Everywhere

Styling and Photography By Farhein Akmal

Hello Beautiful People,

Seeing people in neon is really common these days. Neon is the new black!! You can see it everywhere, whether it’s dresses or shoes or bags, and if you are lucky enough to be surrounded by a core-fashionista you can see it on nails too. 😀

Some people say- “Neon colours are not for everyone, it seems a little scary to wear.” Well, that’s not true ladies, all you need to do is choose the correct colour and style them properly. If you still have second thoughts about neon, so let me remind you of accessories, it is the simplest way to incorporate neon.

I believe it is simple yet very fashionable, to carry a neon outfit because the rule-book for neon is very precise.
Here are the top 2 rules of wearing a neon :-
Rule 1:  Match your neons with a little fashionable mind. Neons with neons will look superb only if you do it right! Orange and Pink are great, but Blue and Green ??? I CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE IT.
Rule 2: All Neon?? NOT A GOOD DEAL. Try giving your neon outfit a tinge of dark colour by pairing your outfit with a dark coloured accessory or bag.



When you wear neon, feel neon. Neon means fluorescent, bright and happy. So, make sure when you wear neon, feel energetic and bright and happy, just like our adorable twin-models, Shreya and Shagun.
Match your mood with your clothes. 😉
Be confident and smile. ^_^

Keep sharing your views, and wait for my next post to pop-up. 😉
See you soon, till then – SHINE LIKE A DIAMOND, GLITTER LIKE GOLD.


P.S. Once you are done with admiration of clothes, you can spare some time in finding the difference between the twins. 😛

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