Leopard Print

Styling and Photography By Farhein Akmal

Hello Beautiful People,

Can you guess world’s one of the most classic pattern?
Yep, Its Animal Print!! It is always in style and works on just about everyone.

Some of my friends really get conscience when it comes of an animal print outfit. My advice for them is to Start-Small. If wearing too much animal print scares you, try an animal print accessory to get started.
And once you are in the group, I bet you will never leave.

There is little fine precaution one must take…
If you are going to wear an animal print from head to toe, make sure you stick to one animal print whether a leopard print, cheetah print or zebra print. Avoid huge risk involving experiments.

My all time favorite animal print is Leopard Print.
I believe that it is very neutral, you can always pair it up with a solid color…And you can still rock the show.

Our today’s model is one of those extreme leopard print girls who have a belt, coat, shoes, swimwear, dresses, and what not in leopard print. You just name it, if it comes in leopard print…She owns it!
Introducing Dr Mandira Adhikari Dubey, a doctor by profession and a travel enthusiast.
(Catch her travel blog : DocDivaTraveller)

She is wearing a leopard print Zara Top with an orange colored Globus Skirt. Her earrings and bracelets are also from Zara and Globus respectively. That pretty necklace is from the Philippines and belt is from Promod.
Leopard Print Aldo Bag adds so much to the whole outfit. And if you are craving for those cool sandals, you must visit Ritu Wears soon. 😉

If you are still a bit unsure on this trend, try pairing leopard jeans with a simple black top for a night out. Add a kick-ass pair of heels, glamorous earrings, and red lips to dress the look up.

Thank you for reading and keep sharing your views, it motivates me to write to you more. 🙂
See you soon, till then – SHINE LIKE A DIAMOND, GLITTER LIKE GOLD.


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