Styling and Photography By Farhein Akmal

Hello Beautiful People,

Today, let’s talk Rompers.

They are the new best-friend for every pretty girl.
It feels so amazing that you can effortlessly create a polished outfit with just one piece.
It gives a playful feel and therefore, it is also known as Playsuits. They are a great alternative for jumpsuits because of their shorter length.
Rompers are comfy and can allow the addition of bold accessories.


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Pragati is wearing a denim romper and to an add playful feel she paired it with a bright yellow basic vest top. She accessorized it with rings and wooden bangles. And when there is blue and yellow, let’s include 3rd primary colour i.e. red too! 😉 So, she carried a red-blue sling bag with her outfit. She wore black flat sandals to keep it little simple.

The whole look is so chic and timeless. You put just a one-piece item and you are done!

Thank you for reading and keep sharing your views, it motivates me to write to you more. 🙂
See you soon, till then – SHINE LIKE A DIAMOND, GLITTER LIKE GOLD.



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