Denim Lookbook

In 1969 a writer for American Fabrics magazine declared, “Denim is one of the world’s oldest fabrics, yet it remains eternally young”. About 200 years ago, denim started out as a uniform for American workers.

I believe denim is one of the most versatile and durable fabric. Today we see denim jeans, skirts, shirts, dresses, jumpsuits, bags, shoes, etc. I have seen a lot of celebrities carry simple denim look with extreme class.

Denim is all about looking stylist yet being comfortable, and therefore, may be “being comfortable” took the major part in my head whenever I thought about denims. Unknowingly, with the time, I developed this misconception that denim is all about regular days. I stopped believing that I can pull off a denim outfit in a fancy gathering. Where as the other day when I was rearranging my wardrobe, I realised that I own too many denims for a simple Data Analyst, therefore then I challenged myself to get my fashionista soul out and create some not-so-casual looks using my current wardrobe collection, and I did complete that challenge and filmed it. I created 6 not-so-casual denim outfits and did my own video and photoshoot by putting my camera on timer, which resulted in my first ever fashion video on my Youtube channel, Farhein Akmal.

To check out my video on denim click here and don’t forget to share your favorite outfit out of those 6 outfits. 😀

I then held a denim week where a lot of people showed their participation by wearing denim in that week, some of them uploaded their pictures on Instagram with #FariBlogDenim and tagged me. (You can check out all the pictures from the #FariBlogDenim on my highlights album of Instagram).

While I was posting my everyday-denim-look on my Instagram stories, I also created a poll of my not-so-casual denim look v/s my day-to-day denim look, and I was surprised to see the results..

Everyone from my instafam loved my day-to-day denim look more. By the third day of the Denim Week, I was laughing on how my everyday look which I hardly give any thought upon are winning the poll with the outfits on which I gave time to create and that is to not by a close competition but by 70-30 (hahaha).

This made me put a stamp on the thought that denim is all about being simple, casual, comfy and not being too challenging. 😛


And and and…..ever though the denim week has ended, still you can share your denim look with me by adding #FariBlogDenim to your picture’s caption on Instagram.

To give you little motivation towards #FariBlogDenim, I have a picture to share…


If this doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know what will. 😛


Farhein Akmal

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