Acknowledge What You Feel

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Always be true.. specially to yourself. Acknowledge each emotion that you feel and be honest about it. Don’t fake it. Don’t control it. Don’t be scared of it. Life is a place where you feel freely. Don’t limit yourself on the bases of some not-so-pleasant experiences. Learn from them. Learn from your failures and move on, don’t dwell on them. And learning doesn’t mean that you stop yourself from feeling that emotion or stop visiting that place which caused you hurt the last time, learning means you know when things aren’t feeling correct and you act/react in a better way. The moment you start being honest to yourself about your emotions & feelings and don’t control them, that’s the moment you live freely. The moment you live freely is the moment you are the best version of yourself. 😌⭐️

Also don’t forget to spread happiness, it’s the best kind of gift you give to yourself. 💕


Signing off.

Take care and remember to be the reason of your own smile too.

Love you.



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