Stop Seeking Validation from Others

About a year and a half, I was not doing well.. emotionally. I was feeling broken and felt betrayed. The pain was to an extent where I was diagnosed through depression. One thing you should know about people who have been through depression and anxiety, that even through they come out of it, it’s fairly easy for them to get into it again, but then they come out of it again by giving them examples of their past self. They become their own idol. These beautiful humans are heroes who survive storms and start spreading smiles again. 🙂

Below is the video that when I was trying to come out of depression and then a wrote a few words. I shared it on my Instagram then, and now I am sharing it with you all here on WordPress.


It’s okay to feel broken, to feel sad, to feel like it’s the end of the world. But always make sure a part of you remember that it’s never the end of the world. It might be end of that chapter but never the end of the book.

Everyone who plays a character in your story doesn’t always had to add a positive vibe to your story, whether it’s your friend, partner, relative, colleague, etc. Even if a character which may have started as a good role in your story, it doesn’t mean that he/she will always plays a good role in your story. That’s something we need to accept.
People will judge you for your emotions, your struggles, your heartbreaks, your failures and to make it worse some people will start comparing your struggle to their struggle in order to make it look like what you are going through is nothing (and I personally find that the most idiotic thing one can ever do). However, all these judgement of these xyz people will fail the moment you will stop to get validation from anyone. I have been in a place where whatever I was thinking and understanding, I wanted someone to validate it for me. Someone to confirm if I am right or not. And I am not proud of that part of me, because I was so caught up in self-doubt that I was asking another human to validate my emotions, instincts and understandings. Nobody knows your story more than you, and if you have a clear conscience then that all should matter. By clear conscience it doesn’t mean you have done nothing wrong in life and have always be 100% correct. We all are humans and having flaws is an integral part of being a human. By clear conscience, I mean never do wrong with a bad intention and if god forbids something still goes wrong from your side then accept and apologies for the same. Even if that wrong doing was a reaction to a wrong action of the other person. Two wrongs can never be right, but you can always accept your mistake and move out of their sight in order to let them take their own time to realise. Then try to train your mind in such a way that no matter how horrible the situation gets, your don’t lose your calm.  I have observed that people in today’s world are too caught up in their narrow mind of limited dictionary of life. If a person fails to understand your position in your story, simply accept that it’s not his/her job to understand it on the first place. Let him/her judge you or gossip about you, it should not matter to you. Getting validation from someone who is not you, is also wrong. Stop doing wrong to yourself. Start treating yourself right first, and the world will fall into its place automatically.


Signing off.

Take care and remember to be the reason of your own smile too.

Love you.



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