Humanise The Ex


Carefree Woman TBT Facebook Post-4


We meet some normal person. Fell in love. Make that normal person, a special person in our head and heart. Then after several clashes, we realise that he/she isn’t a special person anymore. And that’s okay. But what’s not okay is.. not giving that person with special status back to a normal person’s status.. instead giving them a 👿/😈 status. I think it’s okay to fall out of love, it’s okay to not have special feelings for someone you once had. If that happens, why don’t we start treating our ex just like any another human in our life, why do we want to hurt them or want to humiliate them or want to run away from them? They went normal to special in our heart, now just bring them back from special to normal. They aren’t special anymore is enough in itself. Don’t carry the unnecessary baggage with you. Just look back and smile on the things you can, and keep achieving new heights. 😌
#HumaniseTheEx #MinusOne


Signing off.

Take care and remember to be the reason of your own smile too.

Love you.



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