Before Sunrise

Loving someone and being loved means so much to me. We make fun of it because we cover our broken heart with dark humour and laughter, at least I do that. But secretly, all I (most of the time) want is to feel that LOVE, that MAGIC between TWO SOULS trying to understand each other and sharing their lives out.

I find it funny how people talk about having some suspense when we are in a relationship; I fall in love when I know everything about the other person. I FALL FREELY in LOVE when I don’t have to work my mind out to make sense of the other person’s everyday actions or behaviour.
I like talking, sharing, opening our heart with no filters or restrictions. I know that this is me putting romantic projections. And sometimes I do feel that the most beautiful love stories are the ones which were left incomplete; because eventually, humans do disappoint each other.

Still, I know that… one wonderful day… in this magical world of coincidence… someone will experience serendipity and two souls will genuinely fall in love with each other (and I secretly hope that one of those two souls is mine).


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