Always love like before

While I was going through my IG feed, I saw a post saying, “my last relationship taught how to value myself more”.
I couldn’t relate to it. Maybe because even though my every relationship made me feel that in some moment or the other; still that one lesson is not learned.
Honestly speaking, that’s one lesson I’m okay with not learning because when I commit to a relationship for me that human is not just another human, that human is my human. That human is part of me; I see us as a team. So while I’m loving that human and valuing him, in a way, I’m loving and valuing myself too. The best part is, I know every time I fall, irrespective how tired I am and how broken I am, in the end, I WILL pick myself up and be BOMB AMAZING again. So even though it hurts like a giant elephant standing on your chest, still I will not learn how to love less; because that’s who I am.. in some way that’s what defines me. This one innocence of me, I will not let anyone alter just because we live in a world full of “practicalities”.
Either I’ll love you full, or I’ll love you not at all. There is no midway. Do you know what the best part of that is? I’ll never keep you hanging. You’ll always know my answer whether it’s a yes or no. 😌


Signing off.

Take care and remember to be the reason of your own smile too.

Love you.


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