Stop Chasing Humans

True love cannot be found where it does not truly exist. Nor it can be hidden where it truly does.

Always go with the flow. Don’t deliberately stop yourself from doing something that you genuinely feel like doing.

If you see someone else is stopping themselves from something that you think they genuinely want, well, then my dear friend, for God’s sake, leave them alone. Let them decide and show what they want. You, my dear friend, mind your own business and twirl till the time you don’t feel dizzy; because giving excuses to yourself for someone’s else action or no actions, will also make you dizzy. So if you are after feeling-dizzy, kindly twirl and keep twirling (and don’t think about that one human).

K. Thenks. Bye.

Also, remember that I care for you. So you gotta take care of yourself! You cannot let me down! 😘

Signing off.

Take care and remember to be the reason of your own smile too.

Love you.


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