Queenstown, New Zealand

Things I did when I was in Queenstown, NZ

As of 10th December 2020, I have been to Queenstown thrice; and I still don’t plan to stop going there. This is one city which never fails to surprise me, and at the same time, don’t make me overwhelmed with surprises. All the three times I have been there, I haven’t repeated a single activity or experience, and still, there is so much more to do. (I might go there again in a couple of months, you never know).

Let’s get done with technical details first – accommodation.

Where did I stay?

First stay: Swiss-Belsuites Pounamu, Queenstown

Best Things about this stay:

  • The view from our suite and the long-windows
  • Extreme big lodge with pretty massive TV and gas fire
  • Big massive kitchen with all appliances and basic groceries (which I didn’t use for some reason huh)
  • 2 big bedrooms with 2 bathrooms and a little study corner (not sure if anyone uses that corner for anything other than for photos.. but yeah.)
  • This 104 sqm Lake View Two Bedroom Suite was only affordable for me because my family was with me; otherwise, I don’t think I could have afforded such supreme luxury in the amount of salary that I get from my 9to5 IT job.

Second stay: Melbourne Lodge, Queenstown

Best Things about this stay:

  • I got a pretty good deal, and it cost me $129 for one night stay in their king/twin ensuite.
  • The room was pretty big for a single person, had a cute balcony and also a good-sized bathroom
  • I had the best sleep here, not sure if the reason was their mattress or that I was sleeping alone on a double bed after several years.
  • The common lodge was pretty cool too, which opened to a pretty deck with a beautiful view.
  • The main street and restaurants are just 7 mins walking distance away.
  • If I go back to Queenstown, this is the place I am going to stay in again; because to be honest, it’s a pretty good deal
    – location is good,
    – price is good,
    – service is good.

Third stay: Hotel St Moritz, Queenstown

Best Things about this stay:

  • I did AirNZ Mystery Break because of which I ended up staying in this beautiful place. The thing is I don’t go for expensive stuff unless it’s a part of a deal; mainly because of two reasons:
    1. I do solo travelling, and I have to split the total cost with my inner conscience (which doesn’t leave a single chance not to haunt me).
    2. My 9to5 IT job doesn’t pay me enough (yet) to live a rich life.
  • The view from the room was be..you..ti..ful! The hotel was pretty beautiful too. Especially the area near the reception. And and and also the view from their dining area was Mamma Mia! (I think its the Queenstown thing. You get a beautiful view from everywhere)

What did I eat?

By now, you must have figured out that my 9to5 job doesn’t pay me enough to be rich; therefore, I am a little mindful, especially where I can easily afford not to behave rich. For example: buying storage space on WordPress. Due to lack of storage at my WordPress account, I am not going to upload my food pictures here; however, I can link up all the restaurants that I have been through, and you can check our their Zomato photo gallery. (Also, feel free to donate me some money if you want, so that I can buy more storage in real life and afford to rent a bigger apartment. Thenks.)

First of all, go to Fergburger and eat the damn burger.. just get done with the hype!
It is nice for sure, but you see, I don’t like when people hype something so over the board. I just feel bad for all other delicious places who get overshadowed because of this kind of hype. Having said that, DO EAT THE FERGBURGER at least once in your stay. Just a random fact, it took me legit 10 mins to eat a burger (and I was not on my phone while eating it).

If you like Asian food, make sure you try Madam Woo‘s Laksa (I’m a fan now). I also had dumplings and lychee cocktail, which were pretty good too.
I am also a fan of their ambience and wall art. Pretty cool stuff, I must say.

Want that perfect breakfast to start your day in Queenstown?
Look no further. Just head towards Vudu Cafe and Larder. They have so many healthy options and also not-extremely-healthy options, but all of them are super tasty!!!!

Dear Vudu Cade & Larder,
Can you please assign me as your brand ambassador? I want nothing in return, just your food whenever I am down there…
If Vudu says yes, then its woohoo…

Patagonia’s Ice Cream is the best therapy you can have especially at 9 pm when it hits you that you are in this beautiful honeymoon destination all alone and can see absolutely no one as your potential partner in foreseeable future. If you are reading this and you have a partner, good on you, human! Now celebrate your life with your better half and have some ice-cream.

Okay, I am going to stop right here, because I am majorly missing Queenstown and their food right now, and it’s 1 AM in the night here in Auckland. The only open restaurant at this time in Auckland is Spicy House & Flavour House on Dominion Road, and I am not going there to satisfy my thirst for Queenstown’s good food. You are a healthy, independent human, and I am sure you be able to find what you want to eat in Queenstown. Or else just ping me on Instagram, I’ll DM you.

What activities and sightseeing I did?

A little background – My family lived in India and came to New Zealand for my graduation; that’s when we explored the south island. I used to raincheck every plan that my friends made before that for the south island only because I wanted to witness the beauty of the south island for the first time with my family. (While I share this with you, I realise it looks like I am, so family dedicated. The truth is I am not. I love my family and all, but I am not a family girl; so all you brown-uncles-and-aunties, crushing on me, I am not the kind of daughter-in-law you want, trust me on that.) Anyway moving away from this topic before I start blabbering about my family dynamics, I was lucky enough to experience the beauty of Queenstown first time with my parents in Dec 2018. We did

Skyline Gondola & Luge

The Gondola and Luge experience were nice, but it was incredibly adorable to see my parents having fun at the Luge. (Also, don’t get mad when your parents worry about you speeding the car, the fear is real; because oh boy! I was such a worried human when I saw my parents’ luge going downhill in speed). Also, the below picture is not of my parents, just FYI.

Milford Sound

What-a-beauty! Like… I don’t want to say anything… just book it and go. I don’t want to lessen the value of this experience by describing into words. Just go and see-the-beauty-and-feel-the-beauty.

The following experiences I did when I was solo travelling to Queenstown.

Onsen Hot Pool

I gifted Ultimate Relaxation Experience, which included a hot pool, massage and facial, to me for my 28th birthday (which was this year on 22nd Oct 2020 just FYI). My initial plan for my birthday was to go to Sydney, Australia; but thanks for COVID that didn’t happen. So I decided that I will go super gala on pampering myself (so no one else does it *eye-roll*). Trust me, I have no regrest of not going to Sydney. It was of the best birthday pamper experience of my life.
On arrival, they asked me for my ice-cream and drink preferences and gave me bathrobe. After having the best time of my life in their hot pool with mind-blowing view, I was taken to this super royal feel room where they did my facial and massage #PureHeaven . The only thing I wish they had, was a shampoo. I am still not comfortable with the idea of using body wash as shampoo and after that relaxing facial and massage, my hair needed that oil to get off. But that’s life, you won’t every single thing you desire – life gotta teach you lessons of limited options.


The next time someone breaks your heart or ghosts you while you were super close to falling in love, go to Glenorchy. You love life problems seems nothing in front of those tall blue mountains, blue sky and blue water. It’s so beautifully blue that your Monday blues will feel complex. The way breeze kisses your face in Glenorchy, no crush of yours could have made you feel that special. Just sit there and live your life a little more deeply.
Also, did I mention that the drive to Glenorchy is one of the most beautiful drives I have experiences? If you go to Queenstown, you HAVE to drive to Glenorchy!


This town is the cutest town I have seen in the last few years and have such a lovely vibe. It is a historic gold mining town. I wanted to pan for gold in the river; however, the weather was not in my favour, so I ended up keeping that for my to-do-list for the next time when I visit Arrowtown. However, I did have a lovely conversation with an in-charge of a gold shop in Arrowtown. He mentioned the town infrastructure had not changed much from what it was back in the days, and that’s the reason why it has such a lovely vibe. Even though I didn’t get to pan the gold from the river, he let me experience how to pan gold in general. He also gifted me 2 gold flakes that I panned from the the sand and water that he provided in his store; and that was the most special memory for me from this trip.

Bra Fence, Cardrona

I was trying to visit this place from a couple of years but for some reason or the other, I just couldn’t. It is a controversial tourist attraction (and you know how much I love being a part of a controversy). It began around 1999 when four bras mysteriously appeared overnight on a fence along the Cardrona Valley Road. This attracted more tourist to add their undergarments to the fence. This infamous fence was re-branded to Bradrona in 2015 to raise money for breast cancer. So even though it free to go there, I would highly recommend you to take some cash with you to donate to Cancer Society while you are there. I also gifted my old bra to this beautiful fence and felt extremely proud when I was doing it. #TheseLittleThingsMattersTheMost

What I also did and feel while I was in Queenstown?

See, I am a deep-thinker (sometimes, people mistake me as over-thinker, mainly because they under-think things), so when I travel alone, I have so much time actually to reflect on my life, feelings and thoughts. I am that girl who would dance on a random road and also that girl who would cry in the middle of a beautiful view. Some of the thoughtful posts that you can see on my blog were written when I was solo travelling. 85% of the time I am a fun girl but that 15% of the time when I am an emotional mess, it gets little deep crazy.

Below is my favourite photo from my Queenstown trip with a deep one-liner caption. Have fun reading it, and I hope you had fun running all of the above. I am not a “travel blogger”. I just love to travel and speak out loud about my experiences and thoughts sometimes. So, I am not sure if this post was any help for you; but as long as you smiled even once while reading any of that, I have received my portion of happiness.

Travel makes problems small and the beauty of the world big.

Also, please feel free to reach out to me on Instagram, I am much more active there compare to Facebook; but if you write me an email, you will be on my favourite humans’ list. I absolutely love receiving emails and handwritten letters – but since I can’t share my address with you all for privacy concerns, emails would make me super happy too.

My email is – fari.onthemove@gmail.com

And if you still want to stick around and see more of Queenstown content, watch the below video which I made from my Birthday (Solo) Trip to Queenstown clips.

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