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Hi, my name is Farhein aka Fari. I was born in a Muslim family on one of the most important Hindu festival (i.e. Choti Diwali). After living in several cities in India (thanks to my Dad’s transferrable job), I decided to move to New Zealand. While family (Mom, Dad and Brother) is in India, I am living in New Zealand all by myself. Even though I miss my family, friends and my country, but still I like it here in NZ. As an immigrant, I have my struggles to deal with but the sound of waves on beaches, the feel of fresh air in the mountains and having a leader like Jacinda Ardern, makes it all worth it.

I love travelling (and most importantly solo travelling). I enjoy dancing and singing, the only problem is I can dance but I am can’t sing. I love capturing moments especially the one which makes me feel alive. I sometimes write too but I consider myself as a shy writer mainly because most of the times I don’t post my write-ups because this confident independent single woman fears of being judged (yeah sometimes).

When I am not travelling, dancing or clicking pictures, there is a high chance I am at my 9 to 5 job. I work as a Business Intelligence Analyst for Counties Manukau (NZ Govt Health Sector). I am passionate about my work. Since childhood, I have been all about making a difference in this world. Apart from charity and volunteering work that I do, I spread awareness on emotional and mental wellbeing and how we can use technology at its best to do the same. As a part of Health Intelligence team, I build and maintain relationships with stakeholders; I investigate and build reports for/on different departments in the hospitals, for doctors and clinicians.

My actual name i.e. Farhein means happiness and that’s one thing is really important for me – to be happy and to spread that happiness. As a human, we experience a lot of different emotions and I believe an emotion like sadness can also bring you some kind of happiness, if you feel heard, relatable or/and feel changed (for good). This blog mainly revolves around that. Here you will see me sharing what I feel and what I have experienced – success, failures, planing my goals, re-planning my plans, falling in love, having a heartbreak, moving on, achieving my goals, travelling solo, feeling a new city, being in a new continent, living in a new country or just dressing up and enjoying fashion. This blog is made of little things. As nothing really matters, except these little things. 😉

I hope you enjoy and feel a positive emotion while going through this blog. It will mean a world to me if I made you smile even for a millisecond while you were here.

If you keep coming back to my blog, please do follow my blog and you can also connect with me on social media. Feel free to write me an email with your thoughts and/or stories that you want to share. I can’t wait to hear from you. 


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