Data Science and Healthcare

  I was invited to Auckland University of Technology - Data Science Research Group Meet-up as a Guest Speaker to share my industry work in front of academic professionals, current Masters and PhD students. Attached is the youtube link to my presentation. If you are interested in data science or healthcare, please do watch it and... Continue Reading →

3 Stages of Meaningful Use

Now that we know from where did Meaningful Use originate, let's get little deeper on what it's stages. Meaningful Use (MU) program for Medicare has been divided into three stages. Each stage builds on the previous one, to expand electronic health records (EHR) usage to an increasingly larger patient population with a wider range of... Continue Reading →


If someone in your circle is working in a health sector or health IT sector, I am sure you must have heard about the MU (Meaningful Use) standards. MU program was introduced by U.S. government as a part of 2009 HITECH Act. Let's get deeper knowledge around HITECH Act and then we will come back... Continue Reading →

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